The Law Offices of C. Valerie Ibe,  located in West Hills, California has licenses to practice in the States of California , State of Maryland and New York and is equipped to help residents of these states to face the complexities of civil litigation whether in the state courts or in federal courts.
The lead attorney, in addition to legal qualifications has also an MBA in Business Administration and a CPA. The firm has extensive knowledge of legal practice in Africa particularly Nigeria.
Practice areas include Formation of Corporations (domestic and foreign), Company taxes and business litigation, Individual & Corporate taxation, Bookkeeping and Compilations, Family Law, Employment Litigation, Bankruptcy, immigration and naturalization cases among others.
The firm is committed to the creation for the corporate and individual client, a legal and financial environment where the firm’s educational expertise, preparation and a commitment to excellence can contribute to the realization of the client’s goals.

*admitted in CA, MD & NY
Law Offices of C. Valerie Ibe,
C. Valerie Ibe, Esq. LL.B., MBA, CPA,
Attorneys at Law*
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The firm has experience in the area of preparation of consumer and commercial bankruptcy proceedings, foreclosures, wills & pleadings, personal…

The firm represents clients in federal courts in the following areas: FMLA retaliation and Interference All forms of Retaliation Constructive…

The firm has extensive experience in tax and accounting particularly with schools, offices and businesses, and can prepare tax returns…